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Our Story...

Cinderella Vibes is a "Female Fashion Zone" offering the latest trends and fashions for all women online as well as at our retail store in Branford, Connecticut.

We believe that all girls deserve to feel beautiful and great in the clothes and fashion they wear. 

Our brand is inspired by our 5 daughters (ages 21- 2 years old). They each have completely different personalities, styles, and overall fashion tastes. Getting 5 ready each morning has never been a challenge because we make it fun. Allowing each of them to express themselves and their personalities in their own unique way in what they choose to wear. We wanted other women and girls to have this same experience as they try on new trends and fashions and feel confident in clothes they love.

Stop by Cinderella Vibes at 71 West Main St. in Branford, CT or shop online for everything you need to have fun with your wardrobe!



Cinderella Vibes is a fashion retailer offering trendy clothing and contemporary styles for women of all ages. We are dedicated to bringing you the hottest fashions, so you always look and feel amazing as your style shines through! Visit our retail store in Branford, CT, or shop online. Whether you prefer loungewear or athleisure or you want to get pretty for date night, we have options for you. Our clothing is fun, flirty, original, and hot! We also offer tons of accessories and shoes to complement your outfit!

Cinderella Vibes is your one-stop boutique for fun, high-quality fashions that keep you fresh & fly!